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July 2013
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July 2013
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS:
-Gui.ts_window.align can now be modified (for custom aligning of the window title bar text)
-new "Build/Export/SVN" options allowing to Export/Import Project source code for synchronizing using 3rd party SVN tools
-new function "void SetStencilValue(Bool terrain=false)" which can be called before drawing meshes in RM_PREPARE (and should be reseted to default value afterwards) to specify that the mesh should be rendered with "terrain stencil value" which affects drawing of 'Decal' objects with their 'terrain_only' member enabled
-added new Server User Access Mode - Artist, which has full access to read/write data (except changing source code and some of the code-specific Application properties)
-Project view is now resizable
-"menu" and "video options" buttons are now available in the Project List as well
-fixed small issue of different bloom results for OpenGL if glow is on the scene or not (and D.hpRt is enabled)
-fixed faulty code syncing on Mac platform
07-09-2013 07:14 PM
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