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Get Actor* through ActorInfo ?
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Get Actor* through ActorInfo ?

I'm trying to improve the Bloody Massacre's physic as possible I can with Esenthel.
Now, the characters collides together with the controller's capsule shape,
and bullet collides with characters's ragdoll, and then, the blood appears at the exact collision's position.

However, i have to know wich bone of the ragdoll have collided the bullet, to apply the force and add dommage according to the bone (head, foot-L, hand-R ? ).

I use PhysCutsCallback, unfortunatly, ActorInfo dont have the unknown Actor as data. Someone can help me, i'm new with Esenthel, thanks !
08-05-2013 05:41 AM
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SamNainocard Offline

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RE: Get Actor* through ActorInfo ?
Not sure if possible to get the bone directly from ActorInfo.

But you can get bone collided by combine PhysCutsCallback and Physics.Cut with character's Bones.

By getting object from PhysCutsCallback, then find which bone of object being cut by projectile either by Physics.cut() or actor.cut().

Note that, it will hit character's actor before hitting bone, which will be used to find bone.
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08-06-2013 09:51 AM
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