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April 2009
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April 2009
-because stencil shadows are rarely used, from now on rendering meshes in RM_STENCIL_SHD mode should be done using Mesh::drawStencilShadow instead of Mesh::draw, this brings a slight performance improvement
-added new members Material::user_shader, user_shader_name used for helper user shader specifying
-Mesh Editor Material Edit window can now specify the user_shader member for a material basing on "Enum/material_user_shader.enum.h" file located in your game data folder
-updated shader tutorials to include additional material members
-changed Autoupdate tool "Remove Additional Files" option to be disabled by default
-Autoupdate will now move the files to the Recycle Bin if "Remove Additional Files" is enabled
04-08-2009 11:25 PM
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Re: April 2009
-added support for physical character clothing
-new tutorial "game basics/physical clothing"
-added support for creating actors out of scaled physical bodies of Convex and Mesh type (now objects in World Editor don't have to be set to embedded access mode when scaled and have Convex/Mesh physical body)
-improved drawing of mesh vertexes in Mesh Editor
-new Mesh Editor menu option "VertexFace/Cloth Edit Mode" allowing to specify wheter a vertex should be included in physical cloth simulation
-added new helper class ClothMesh allowing to contain cloth meshes used to create Cloth from it (ClothMesh can be created from a MeshBase)
-physical Cloth can now be created only from ClothMesh
-added new menu option to Mesh Editor "Mesh\Export\Part to ClothMesh"
-updated ACTOR_GROUP comments at the beginning of Actor.h header file
-changed the way Actor::active method works
-from now on manually setting the inventory item velocities for Motion Blur effect should be done using method Item::setDrawingVelocities instead of calling item's actor.vel(..).ang_vel(..)
-fixed mesh to wavefront obj format exporting
-added option to create convex physical bodies in the Mesh Editor
-fixed displaying sky in Mesh Editor when continuosly changing display options
-new tutorial "shaders/shaders in solid render mode"
-desaturated the default sky horizon color parameter
-scaling mesh in Mesh Editor will now scale Phys even if it's created from triangle mesh
-improved orientation of scaling Phys boxes in Mesh Editor
04-17-2009 08:14 PM
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Re: April 2009
-Worlds need to be builded
-new tutorial "gui/screen proportions"
-added new menu option to Gui Editor tool "View/Screen Proportions"
-it is recommended to run Gui Editor tool with 1200x750 resolution mode which covers all aspect ratios (to be set in "Gui Editor.txt")
-removed NewZ methods from memory containers
-changed the type used for "is" arrays from Byte to Bool
-removed ARGB ColA ColR ColG ColB functions, please use Color instead
-removed C8 c8 C16 c16 character types, please use Char8 Char16 instead
-replaced U32 and UInt colors with Color
-Bool can now be safely treated as a type of constant size (8-bit)
-Randomizer class can now generate random points out of quads and meshes
-Particles class can now generate particles out of animated skeletons and models
-added Autoupdate tool to the documentation
-fixed accessing gui objects from Gui Editor (gui objects need to be re-saved if you were experiencing problems accesing the objects in the code)
-updated Particles class (creation methods, generation source setting, 'radius' member meaning, added parameter 'growth')
-saving and loading Particles has been temporarily disabled because in the next engine version the particles format will be updated, and the Mesh Editor will have the ability to edit the Particles
-removed particle opacity functions PARTICLE_MAX_LIFE and PARTICLE_FULL (instead please draw the particles manually)
-improved comments on some functions inside header files
-new method MeshBase::createConvex allowing to create convex mesh from a set of points (with optional limiting the maximum output vertex number)
04-21-2009 09:04 PM
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Re: April 2009
-gui desktop windows will now be automatically moved when changing screen proportions to stick with the screen edges
-new member void Display::(*screen_changed)(Flt old_width,Flt old_height) which can be set to custom function which will be called when screen proportions have changed
-improved Skeleton::createRemap and Mesh Editor menu option "Reassign Vertex Bone Indexes to Target Skeleton" to try using recursive parent indexes if bones not found in the target skeleton
-improved performance of drawing Particles
-added test version of Particle editing to the Mesh Editor (save/load still disabled)
-particles are now stretched according to their velocity to simulate motion blur effect
-changed parameters order in Cone::draw method
-removed a small bug inside random position generation out of meshes
-changed parameters in Matrix3,Matrix::draw method
-new Mesh Editor menu option "view/identity matrix"
-added new methods Shape::load and Shape::save
-added new member Particles::palette which automatically handles drawing particles in RM_PALETTE or RM_BLEND modes
-added new method Particles::colorTable able to use multiple colors simultaneously
-updated tutorials "rendering/particles", "rendering/blood", "rendering/explosion" according to changes
-changed behavior of Particles::life_total and Particles::radius_scale* members
-fixed setting Reflection Detail and Light maps directly from non-Gfx files in Mesh Editor
-updated the default basic data types (most importantly - Int and UInt are now always 32-bit)
-updated documentation - "programming/actors, part - There are following definitions"
04-27-2009 10:07 PM
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Re: April 2009
-added new cloth creation flag Cloth::HARDWARE
-new Mesh Editor menu option "view/skeleton ragdoll"
-improved ragdoll creating to work better with clothes
05-06-2009 10:03 PM
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