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D&D Companion
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D&D Companion
I'm not sure how many people here play D&D but if you do you know that sometimes it can be really hard to keep track of things and sometimes people cheat either on purpose or by accident just because they haven't kept track of their stats.

As a tiny side project I made a simple app to help keep track of anything and take away the need for a pencil... to an extent at least.

At the moment you can create a party and keep track of their most basic stats. I really need this as I'm the healer in the team and I need to keep track of everyone else's stats so I know who needs heals.. Asking people what their HP is at or Healing Surge disrupts the game and lets the DM know what HP everyone has so this helps.

So without further chatter I present D&D Companion! using EE for a non game application on my android tablet.

[Image: DnDCompanion1.jpg]

[Image: DnDCompanion2.jpg]

I used it tonight at a game and it worked really well. I have plans to implement much more than its current state but for now this will do as I have my main project wanting my attention.

Excuse the default Gui etc. I only had 2 nights to make this and to make it flexible for future improvements. In the future I hope for it to be a complete campaign tracker for both players and a DM. I might even make it able to do dice rolls with physics based 3D dice just for kicks... though usually its more fun to roll real dice smile.

Well it's a super simple app to begin with but it will become more in depth. Was happy to be able to use EE to whip something up quickly smile
10-02-2013 03:50 PM
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RE: D&D Companion
That's pretty cool.

Project V. Studios | Game Dev
10-02-2013 03:56 PM
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RE: D&D Companion
Very Nice Indeed !
10-02-2013 04:42 PM
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