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Creating Esenthel RTS Unit
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Creating Esenthel RTS Unit
I am trying to make a custom unit however since we are working with non-3d models i am having a hard time fully creating a unit from scratch to duplicate another unit

Outline of objects in the rts:
Object Class - Char
Object - Warrior
Atlas - Atlas of images
Image inside Atlas.
Material - 0

I have fully replicated the warrior of humans but how do i apply\get the image inside the object to work? It's just blank, i have tried dragging over every kind of asset to see if it goes into the object but no luck.

In short, How do i add the atlas\material i created to the object?
11-10-2013 01:22 AM
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RE: Creating Esenthel RTS Unit

On the 3d object (2triangle quad in case of ERTS units) you can apply only a material
onto the material texture (Color/alpha) you can apply images.

So Image->Material->Mesh/Object.

Does that explain your question?
If not please let me know what you need, as I'm not sure I've understood you fully smile
11-10-2013 02:48 AM
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