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November 2013
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November 2013
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS:
-IMPORTANT: Opened Esenthel Store to everyone - you can now sell your own items in it! In order to submit your items please use the new menu "Esenthel Store" command in the Esenthel Editor 2.0
-new functions UID.asHex,fromHex,asCString,fromCString,fromText
-SkipStartSpaces was replaced with SkipWhiteChars (which also skips '\n' and '\r')
-TimeText now operates on Long seconds, and will use years/months if needed, it will also now correctly handle negative numbers
-improved application window resizing/maximizing/edge snapping when multiple monitors are used
-new method Rect List.visToScreenRect(Int visible) which allows to obtain the rectangle on the screen of i-th visible element (useful if you wish to draw custom graphics on top of elements)
-new method VecI2 List.visibleElmsOnScreen() which allows to get the range of elements that are currently visible on the screen
-new optional parameter to List.imageSize(.., Rect padding) allowing to apply additional padding around the element image
-new method Str Download.url() allowing to get the url that was requested to download
-new method DateTime Download.modifyTimeUTC() allowing to get the modification time of the downloaded file
-added a workaround for creating/locking Images on OpenGL that will hopefully remove crashes on latest Mac OS update
-D.bloomScale is no longer forced to 0 on OpenGL ES, instead introduced new member Renderer.allow_bloom which is disabled there
-new EsenthelStore class allowing to verify purchase of a given item based on license_key and/or computer_id (you can use this if you're the creator of a game and you'd like to verify if a user is trying to play your game and has a license to do so)
-finding elements by name in Project view now uses ContainsAll instead of Contains functions which allows to specify multiple parts of the full name in any order
-new member bool GuiImage.fit=false which allows to draw the image while maintaining its proportions
-added new functions 'AtomicAdd,AtomicSet'
-Threads class now has new 'queue' methods which allow to queue function calls for later processing
-Physics.triggerReport now supports information whether contact is new,lost or the same
-added dpi awareness for windows 8.1 for VS 2010 and 2012 projects (previously it was added only to 2008 projects)
-if VS 2012 Update 1 or newer is installed then platform toolset will be set for Windows XP support
-fixed EditorInterface sometimes disconnecting when transferring large amounts of data
-Code Editor will now warn if trying to use const_mem_addr objects into memory containers that do not preserve memory address (to ignore this warning declare types for example as "Memc<const_mem_addr TYPE>")
-jumping to definition of a C++ keyword in Code Editor will now display a gui message box with basic information about the keyword
-new functions ValidLicenseKey, ValidEmail, ValidURL allowing to check correct format of a string
-new method Edit.ObjData.findParam allowing to easily find object parameters
-added new parameter to EditorInterface.worldObjGetData(.., bool include_removed_params=false)
-added new methods Gui.addFuncCall that allow you to manually schedule function callbacks to be called at the end of Gui.update
-Gui Objects that were not yet created have visibility set to false
11-12-2013 05:28 AM
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RE: November 2013
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows:
-added Esenthel Store Terms of Use button to the login section
-added confirmation window when removing an uploaded file in Esenthel Store
11-13-2013 11:07 PM
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RE: November 2013
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS:
-IMPORTANT: added support for Oculus Rift (please see new tutorial "Game Basics/Oculus Rift")
-IMPORTANT: custom shaders need to be recompiled with latest shader headers
-IMPORTANT: Accelerometer now reports values in 9.8 scale, no longer in 1.0 scale
-IMPORTANT: added new parameter to Download.create(.. Long max_post_size ..) changing the order of last parameters
-updated "sci-fi benchmark demo" from Esenthel Store to be compatible with Oculus Rift
-new function D.stereoscopic(bool on) allowing to render graphics in Oculus Rift compatible mode
-new function D.stereoScale(flt scale) allowing to control stereo scaling
-new function D.eyeDistance(flt d) allowing to control eye parameters
-new members flt Gui.stereoscopic_scale,stereoscopic_offset allowing to control GUI stereoscopic rendering
-new functions bool OculusRiftDetected(), flt OculusRiftFovY(bool)
-new input functions Matrix3 Orientation(),PredictedOrientation() which are set by Oculus Rift
-new option to set some of Esenthel Store item files as "free to download" without the need to purchase the item (for example if you want to include a sample preview of your item file for free, like a low quality/short version of audio file or a demo version of your game)
-input functions Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer will now be set by Oculus Rift if detected
-added support for Visual Studio 2013
-added support for uploading Esenthel Store item files greater than 128 MB
-added support for resuming interrupted Esenthel Store item file downloads
-added new function Image.drawHQ which draws images using high quality (but slow) bicubic filtering
-added new function Image.fit
-reorganized parameters for Image.drawFs function
-updated SQLite to latest version (3.8.1)
-improved performance of some internal Cache class methods
-added new functions CosBetween(Vec,Vec), SinBetween(Vec,Vec), AngleBetween(Vec a, Vec b, Vec z)
-fixed iOS Simulator
-fixed minor issues in Esenthel Store
11-29-2013 08:04 AM
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