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DrawParticle angle lag
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SamNainocard Offline

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DrawParticle angle lag
after last update with 1.0 engine, I have a problem on DrawParticle angle lagging using Time.time() after 1 minute or so, tested both DrawParticle() DrawParticleBegin() I doubt that will also happens on 2.0.

This can reproduced in tutorial using 15 - Particles

PHP Code:
Str path="Obj/Particles/star.gfx";
DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec10,0), 0);
DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec00,0), 0);
DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec(-10,0), 0);

DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec11,0), 0);
DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec01,0), 0);
DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec(-11,0), 0);
DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec1,-1,0), 0);
DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec0,-1,0), 0);
DrawParticle(*Images(path), 0GREEN10.5Time.time(),    Vec(-1,-1,0), 0); 
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12-11-2013 07:13 AM
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Esenthel Offline

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RE: DrawParticle angle lag
Thank you for reporting this issue, I'll fix this for 2.0
for 1.0 please use AngleFull(Time.time())
12-13-2013 12:16 AM
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