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Multiple Windows
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Multiple Windows
I'm wondering if it might be possible to allow a second (or more) windows to be opened on the same process. This is handy when using multi-monitors as you can then have a window on both screens, with both windows being controlled by the same process.

For example, Visual Studio allows this, by dragging a code file onto the other screen. It then turns into a window on the other screen that can be moved, minimized and maximised independent of the parent window.

A project I'm working on requires some in-game tools or sorts. The problem is that the tools takes up too much screen space. It would be great if I could move these to a separate window on the other screen.

In addition, the Esenthel Editor could use this to support multi-screens. This would allow you to edit code in one window (on one screen), while editing your world for example, in another window (on another screen).
12-31-2013 06:46 AM
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