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January 2014
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January 2014
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS:
-added full support for Samsung Gamepad Controller for Android
-added a new option to set if mip maps should be created for Image Atlas elements
-fixed outline effect when stereoscopic rendering is enabled
-fixed small motion blur defect when viewport does not cover entire screen
-fixed unknown characters in Linux compilation ouput with ' symbol
-fixed "jump to code line" when clicking on compile Errors/Warnings on Linux
-fixed extra character appearing sometimes when DEL key is pressed on Linux
-fixed lake/river culling (when viewed from below) on the left eye when rendering stereoscopic mode
-added a workaround for PhysX 3.3.0 when it fails to load convex meshes from previous versions of PhysX
-added a workaround for PhysX 3.3.0 bug where switching dynamic actor to kinematic and then back to dynamic freezes it
-added a workaround for detecting display device name on Windows 8.1 where on dual graphics systems the integrated was always returned
-APP_ALLOW_NO_GPU flag will now completely disable graphics and shaders on OpenGL (to be used on Linux servers)
-Download params are now of URLParam type (which is TextParam with additional member allowing to specify if the parameter is GET or POST)
-added new 'Controller.step_height' member (by default set to controller radius) allowing to manually control max controller step height
-Application properties headers and libs are now separate for different platforms
-added support for specifying custom additional include directories for headers
-added support for including custom external static libraries for all platforms
-added new FIT_MODE (FIT_FILL) that covers the entire destination
-added new 'bool allow_partial_paths=true' parameter to the "bool PathWorld.find" method
-generated APK files now have some Java code that is required when publishing for Amazon App Store
-Linux version can now use C++11
-WindowMsgBox now correctly uses system message box style on Android platform
-new method Int Threads.queued() allowing to check how many queued elements are still left for processing
01-29-2014 09:13 AM
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RE: January 2014
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Mac:
-added support for 4 inch display iPhones
01-29-2014 11:47 PM
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