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Contribution System
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RE: Contribution System
It's cool that you braught the this feature up and putting it on the table. It pleases me to see you finally willing to leverage your customer service skills on this matter and reaching a compromise. I think you are doing good things here and if you keep up with features and donations for features don't make customers feel like they are wasting their money... I feel like you might have found a good balance here EE.

I am glad to see you have made one of my deepest desires for linux come true. Now I will have to spend time seeing if I can get it to work on Fedora. sadly enough I am not a big user of debian distro's and I red hat person myself. Dell and Ubuntu have done a great job at putting out a distro that appeals to the masses more than some of the other flavors.

Thanks for the good work here EE.
02-14-2014 06:43 PM
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