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Designing Game Mode/Campaign/Scenario
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Designing Game Mode/Campaign/Scenario
Hi everyone, as for a newbie in game designing, I think I'm stump on designing game mode for my Xenocrystalloid Contentions. smile

Well, I develop gameplay system first without planning game mode/campaign/scenario. (Well, there is, but mostly scrapped due to limited resources)

Here is my current gameplay and planned game mode.

Core: Single/Multiplayer Co-op Action-RPG.
  • In-Depth Character Customization in Equipments, Stats, Ability and Talents
  • In-Depth medieval combat with Swing Detection along with Block, Dash, Interaction, Incapacitate system, Jump, Crouch, Sprint, Flexible dual-wielding, Projectile based Ability and Weight-based Consumable Items.
  • Multiple playable characters.
  • Flexible Crafting.
  • Lobby Based character management. (Cannot changes equipment while playing).
  • Drop In-Out Multiplayer.
  • Mountains of Loot.

You can see some from video in showcase topic.

Planned: An Objective-Based Tournament
Player team participate in tournaments season, where they have to fight monster and meet event's objective for tournament rating, entering event continually without return to lobby (restock or changes equipments) for extra rating, losing yields less rating and will event that event immediately and return to lobby.

Sample of event is listed below and is random each time, there's rules on respawning and other stuffs per event. Number of event need to be play before tournament end is (probably) based on difficulty.
World Area is probably random with possibly randomly obstruction as well.
  • Defeats enemy that come by waves, rating based on waves.
  • Tower-Defense style, rating based on health of defending objects.
  • Boss Fight, rating based on time left.
  • Escort, rating based on time left.
  • Pick Object and drop it at specified location, rating based on number of objects when time is up.
  • King of the Hill style, rating based on score when time is up.
  • etc...
When player return to lobby, they can check their rank with AI team (AI's rating is using same rules as players, but their rating gains is probably random based on difficulty).
When tournament ends, player will receive extra items based on their rank. (And possibly upload their stats to server for show off with others player team as well?)
There's survival mode beside tournament mode as well.

It may not sound original because it's probably like Unreal Tournament 2004, but do you think it will work and fun? smile
03-22-2014 08:06 PM
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