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published VS builded - weird
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published VS builded - weird
ok something very weird is going on..

so i have this game with some world and there are some npcs.. suddenly they stopped showing up. BUT when i publish the game they are there with the same script same everything nothing changed.. how come that the same project builded on 32 bit direcx 9 debuge doesn t show npc in the game at all and when i release it on 32 bit directx 9 they are there... the same project same script same world same everything...

the second weird thing about this is that i wasn t working on the npc s script for almost three months and they were working before they just suddenly stopped.. i know i could change something else that has something to do with them but why they are working on released then?? i ve seen them there a week ago working fine with just building... anybody knows why??? anybody has some experiences with behavior like this?? same everything and when build doesn t work and released does work?? i don t want to release a game every time i need to check something i changed if it works or not..
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