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1991mirec Offline

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i dont know if anybody reported this before but i didn t find it. so i decided to make a new thread.
When I make my buttons mode to BUTTON_IMMEDIATE and i do something like this
it works fine that it changes to that tab but the tab is not set.. it doesn t do the visual pushed part.. it does on mouse click but not when i use code provided above for keyboard.

on the other hand when i use default mode and i make .func() for each tab for some reason it seems that it first go to the func of the one you just clicked and right after that to the func of the tab that was clicked before...

so my question is.. is there any way how i can make it working both- that it sets and actually draws pushed tab when i press some keyboard button and when i click on one of the tabs it would do the correct and just one of the functions...

thank you.. nice to be back.. lol
01-29-2015 01:06 AM
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Zervox Offline

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Not completely sure but I think KbSc is what you want to use.
01-29-2015 11:18 AM
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