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Dungeon hero RPG NOT loading
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ursidae Offline

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Dungeon hero RPG NOT loading
Did a quick search and had trouble finding much on Dungeon Hero on the 'net or these boards. I have read through what little I could find but was unable to locate information on what I needed.

I downloaded and played Dungeon Hero for about three days, three blissful days (read: it's a great game. Right up my ally and I could see myself playing it for a LONG time), but it has stopped working.

I am using an iPhone 5 with the current iOS and version 31 of Dungeon hero. When I attempt to start the game the screen goes black and then returns to the desktop. opening quick switch reveals the game is opened but I am unable to access it. Restarting the phone hasn't fixed the issue and I am unwilling to reinstall in case data and purchases are lost.

is this a known issue with a fix? I would like to continue using this app

Thank you,
10-14-2015 04:57 AM
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Esenthel Offline

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RE: Dungeon hero RPG NOT loading
Hi Ursidae,

I'm happy to hear you like my game, and sorry that it fails to start.

Are you sure you've got version 31 installed?
There was an issue with version 30 that made the app fail to start on 32-bit devices, but version 31 was released soon after, just couple days later, and I've got report that it fixed the issue for an iPhone 4s user.

Yes, I think that simply uninstalling and installing would remove purchases.
But you can go to App Store first, and check if you can download the latest version.

If not, then you can try backing up your phone data using iTunes, reinstall the game, if that won't work, you could restore the backup, I think that should preserve your savegame progress.

If you are indeed on version 31, and the game continues to crash, can you please send a crash report so I can investigate it?

Thank you
10-14-2015 05:16 AM
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