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[solved] std::vector problems
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Azriel Offline

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[solved] std::vector problems
Hi smile I have some problems with std::vector. Compiler throws errors when I'm trying to make a function in a class with std::vector as a parameter.

class A
   void foo(std::vector<int> &vect) {}
   // void foo2();
   void foo2(std::vector<int> &);

void A::foo2(std::vector<int> &vect) {}
1. foo works fine.
2. foo2 gives errors. " illegal use of 'void' " on foo2 declaration and " 'A::foo2' : not a function " on definition.
3. If we uncomment void foo2(); everything works. We can then even define void A::foo2() {} and all of the functions work fine.

Is it me doing something wrong or is there a bug?
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11-18-2015 10:49 AM
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Esenthel Online

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RE: std::vector problems
Hi, if foo works, then please use it.
However I recommend using EE containers for full compatibility, std::vector<TYPE> -> Memc<TYPE>
11-18-2015 10:39 PM
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