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Problem about Cuts(OBox,Obox)
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Amnedge1331 Offline

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Problem about Cuts(OBox,Obox)

I don't know if i'm making something wrong but sometimes the Cuts(OBox,Obox) doesn't work. To test I draw the two OBox and I see them cuts but the Cuts function return false and its not on every OBox so.. here is a picture of 2 OBox that cuts in game but the function return false:
[Image: 926611i94cimgpshorig.png]

There is Blue and White OBox that Cuts but false is returned here is the code which test it:
            OBox baseOo=OBox(itemStatic[i].phys->box, Matrix(itemStatic[i].pos()));
            baseOo.draw(BLUE, true);
            if(itemStatic[i].objId!=cursorObj) //This verify that we don't look the item that we want to put
            if(Cuts(tmpCursorBox, baseOo)) //tmpCursorBox is the white box on the picture
               flt hauteurTmp=0.0;

Thank for your help ! smile
12-16-2015 08:27 PM
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Esenthel Online

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RE: Problem about Cuts(OBox,Obox)

Is the 'tmpCursorBox.matrix' normalized?
If yes and the problem still occurs, could you please provide a sample project (a simple version reproducing the issue), preferrably without the game objects/worlds, but just 2 OBox'es displayed on the screen.

Thank you
12-18-2015 03:04 AM
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