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Cheap assets
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Cheap assets
There are some nice Royalty Free assets to be picked up in the latest Humble Bundle offering at very little cost.

Although some are tied to another well known engine the majority from Madison Pike LLC come with a license that clearly states they can be used royalty free with any engine ... i.e. Esenthel!

The only issue is a lot of the files are in a Maya propriety format .ma/.mb and require Maya to be able to export them. I've been working on converting assets and some of the animated animals are very nice (so be it they all have ridiculously long bone names which had to be shortened as Esenthel only accepts a max of 31 characters).

There are plenty of trees and plants and general props for various themes as well as some nice audio files in wav format.

If your prepared to put some work into converting these then it's well worth while. Just a heads up for anyone that might not have come across these yet as there is just 8 days left.

Some example screen shots of their animated pigeon and deer in Esenthel below:


03-21-2016 10:31 AM
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