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Character modular
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Character modular

trying to create a chr modular, pretty basic stuff.

the model is in 3D.

i want the player to be able to change the head / hair / hair color. nothing too fancy.

but checking the actual way to do that via drawmask is kinda limited or did i misunderstood ?
you can only have up to 32 grps of "draws" on a 3D asset ?

i am just wondering how to do this right and how to use it correctly smile

i was thinking about cutting the meshes of every individual part, and just draw them next to each other using mesh_X->draw(skel);, but this seems more complicated. especialy for the 3D aspect of cutting every thing.
this might be better in the end, so i can hide base mesh and stick armor on top. but i was really just wondering how is the "right" way ?

thanks for any help / lead smile
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03-14-2017 04:42 AM
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RE: Character modular

1) Yes the draw groups are limited to number of 32

2) Another option is to make them into separate objects having the same skeleton, and set the Object Body to the original object.
You can easily separate into multiple objects in the "Mesh" tab, and then "Operations\Separate.."

3) Or as mentioned in your post, keep this as one Mesh with multiple MeshParts, and draw MeshPart's manually

Personally I prefer option 2) because then you can set custom parameters to each object.
For example, armor quality, etc.
03-14-2017 08:21 AM
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RE: Character modular
Yes i do that for the inventory already.
I will use them under the same logique then smile thanks for the quick answere
03-14-2017 02:26 PM
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