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January 2018
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January 2018
Updated Esenthel Source:
-added new function 'HMAC_SHA2'
-added new functions 'DeviceManufacturer, DeviceModel, DeviceSerialNumber, AndroidID'
-added new class 'DateTimeMs' including milliseconds
-added new 'state' method for Mouse and Touch and MouseTouch
-updated 'DeviceID' function
-Android will now create higher resolution application icon
-added new Application orientation "Portrait and Landscape (No Down)"
-added support for "App.stayAwake(AWAKE_SYSTEM)" on Android
-'Download' can now be created in 'paused' mode
-ComboBox Menus will be bigger if activated by touch (thanks to new method Menu.setSize)
-various small UI/Menu/Touch related improvements
-'SyncEvent' now has extra parameter for its constructor allowing to disable default "bool auto_off=true"
-any Code changes will now be autoflushed when saving project as *.EsenthelProject file
-Editor will retry installing APK on Android Device on "Play" if just connected device to the computer

-fixed 'Thread.resume' potentially but very unlikely having no effect on Windows
-fixed releasing system resources for Thread creation on Unix platforms when 'Thread.wait' wasn't called
-fixed 'Thread.wait' being able to be called multiple times for a single thread on Unix platforms
-fixed crash when rendering water reflection and High Precision Lit Color RT (D.litColRTPrecision) is enabled

Name Changes:
ComputerID -> DeviceID
Thread.wantToStop -> wantStop
URLParam -> HTTPParam
01-26-2018 05:32 AM
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