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April 2018
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April 2018
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-added support for detecting android notification dismissals
-new method Vec2 Text.textSize()
-Animation Editor can now mirror animations
-project elements under mouse cursor will now be highlighted in the object parameter editor
-improved mesh vtx bone remapping for skeletons with different names
-improved mesh separate parts into new objects to process all LOD's if possible
-added functions to remove songs from playlists
-improved shoulder bone type_index detection
-highligting a mesh skeleton bone will now draw its parent line connection
-added option to set custom rotation for root motion animation
-added option to set root from body in the animation editor
-added option to draw grid in the Animation Editor
-improved importing animations which have multiple bones with the same name
-improved animation time range clipping
-reloading animation can now be undone if it's currently opened in the Animation Editor
-added new animation editor options to copy/paste bone positions to synchronize blending between multiple animations in case they're offsetted
-added new Mesh draw methods for animated skeletons allowing to override default material with a custom one
-added new Mesh tesselate methods allowing to tesselate the mesh on the CPU
-slightly improved tesselation shader performance
-added new option allowing to relocate material elements to the objects they belong to
-added option to select picked elements from the "Data size statistics" window
-added option to convert selected mesh quads into triangles
-added new function 'Edit.FindElm' allowing to find element by its full name
-simplified Cache header by merging 'Cache' with now removed 'CacheCounted' class
-added new function 'CC4' allowing to generate four character codes (UInt) from 4 character bytes
-reduced memory usage for all cache elements

-fixed window maximization for windows not belonging to a desktop but to another gui object
-fixed an issue related to reloading animations with specified root bone
-fixed an issue related to transforming all orientation keyframes in the animation editor when the bone also has position offsets
-fixed setting correct skeleton when changing mesh bodies or copying elements to another project
-fixed a bug in "Separate mesh parts" not retaining bone names

API Changes:
-removed Cache methods ptrFind ptrGet ptrRequire, please use CacheElmPtr find/get/require methods instead (example instead of Images.ptrGet, use ImagePtr().get)
04-01-2018 04:15 AM
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RE: April 2018
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-added new 'Clip' clip edge to rectangle/box functions
-added new 'PixelWalkerMask', 'PixelWalkerEdge' and 'PixelWalkerEdgeMask' classes
-added new 'Edge' 'lerp*' methods
-added new 'Skeleton.findBoneB' methods
-added support for up to 4 materials per triangle in 'Heightmap' class
-added new method 'Heightmap.clearMaterials'
-added new macros INLINE and NOINLINE

-fixed a bug in 'CreateConvex2D*' functions which under rare circumstances could cause 'Frustum.getIntersectingAreas' to generate incomplete results
-fixed a bug in OpenGL related to setting render targets
04-21-2018 05:20 AM
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