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October 2018
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October 2018
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-IMPORTANT: updated SndOpus file format, if you've converted your sounds to Opus format in Esenthel Editor, please reload your files to update them or otherwise they will fail to play
-greatly improved volumetric clouds
-added new tutorial "Apps\12 - Rendering\10 - Volumetric Clouds"
-Depth of Field now operates on high precision render targets
-improved mesh optimization to produce fewer vertexes
-improved handling world object "variation" property for multiple objects
-added new option 'D.bloomSaturate' (allowing to disable the default color saturation and preserve original colors, now disabled, to get previous results please manually enable it)
-added new callback 'App.sleep' (available on Windows)
-last space in line in Text/TextBox will now be hidden
-adjusted Window mouse resize cursors to be drawn as scaled (and not per-pixel)
-added option to create 'Video' as Alpha transparency that can be used for another video
-added new tutorial "07 - Misc\Video with Alpha"
-added option to multiply color by a custom value for selected materials in the project
-added new method 'List.screenToColumnX'
-Animation Reload now has the option to specify mirroring
-added new method 'Animation.findEvent'
-replaced MP3 decoding library with a different one which is faster and has a completely free license
-added new method 'Sound.fadeCurve' allowing to control the curve of sound fading
-added new member 'MusicManager.fade_curve'
-added new member 'MusicManager.select_song'
-added new method 'MusicManager.stop'
-added option to configure Editor's default values for Ambient light and Bloom saturation in the Video\Advanced options
-added option "Expand All" to the editor which also expands all children
-sound import element source file can now process following commands: start, end, length, volume, hz
-sound playback will resume if changing to a different sound in the editor
-added new VOLUME_UI / 'SoundVolume.ui' for User Interface sounds
-added right click menu for project elements to adjust volume for multiple sounds at the same time
-*Noise.tiledNoise functions can now specify tile size for each axis separately
-implemented 'SimplexNoise' 'tiledNoise' 3D/4D functions and updated tiled 1D/2D to produce better results
-decreased default intensity of 'Sun.rays_color' to 0.05
-'Download' can now specify a custom port in the url address
-'Download' can now ignore authorization checks
-added new object skeleton slot editor menu options to rotate by 90 deg alongs their XYZ axes, and to set mirrored slot as selection
-added new animation editor option to scale time in selected range only
-added new method for Skeletons 'findSlotB'
-added new function 'SmoothCubeInv'
-improved 'Animation.offsetRootBones' for animations with root rotations (this affects animation editor copy/paste bone positions)
-added new "Force Neck Up" and "Force Spine Up" options for Skeleton Editor Adjust Bone Orientations
-skeleton slots can now be assigned to up to 2 bone parents
-added new 'VecSB2,VecSB,VecSB4' classes (signed byte)
-added new methods 'Orient.rotateX,rotateY,rotateZ'
-improved performance of 'Matrix.rotateX,rotateY,rotateZ'
-added new classes 'SmoothValueAccel, SmoothValueAccel2, SmoothValueAccel3'

-creating new object variations by drag and drop of materials to mesh variation window will now create them at selected spot (instead of end of the list)
-fixed edge softening (FXAA/SMAA) artifacts on borders when not using a fullscreen viewport
-fixed potential artifacts when using D.density<1 and not a fullscreen viewport
-fixed various issues in Esenthel Opus file format (encoding/decoding)
-fixed potential deadlock when doing some GPU operations inside 'D.screen_changed'
-fixed water waves not working on DX11
-fixed rendering plane in Animation Editor Preview when Pixel Density != 1
-fixed issue in rare cases pressing undo in the Editor would not take effect if timestamps were the same but values different
-fixed loading YAML files which have '\r' characters
10-26-2018 11:30 PM
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