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CryEngine2 Flowgraphs
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CryEngine2 Flowgraphs
Sorry for spamming your forum. It wasn't my intention. I only noticed this suggestion thread after making the other two posts.

I would like to see CryEngine2 Flowgraph -esque visual coding system within this engine. Adding such functionality could open up the amount of people capable of using this engine. If such a feature is on the horizon for Esenthel I will purchase a $400 license.

I dont' think I'm the only person who would like to see this. As this engine appears to be the most feature rich excluding networking. I loved the bloody massacre demo. The volumetric lights and relief mapping and shadows deferred rendering, are exactly what I was looking for.

Only as I've said before I'm not a C++ programmer. Please have sympathy on us non programmers and build a bridge that we can humble walk across called "flowgraphs" so that we can join in the fun of using this wonderful engine along with those who do know how to program in C++.

Thank you for hearing my suggestion.

If you say it's on the not too distant horizon you will have at least one additional licensee in me because of it.
01-28-2009 06:18 AM
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