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August 2019
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August 2019
Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux:
-IMPORTANT: please backup your projects before updating
-IMPORTANT: dropped support for DirectX 9, OpenGL ES 2
-IMPORTANT: updated rendering to be gamma correct, you will have to update your Light intensities (they're now in linear gamma)
-greatly improved Ambient Occlusion post process, you may want to adjust D.ambient* parameters to the new shader
-improved OpenGL rendering performance by implementing Uniform Buffer Objects (UBO/Constant Buffers)
-improved OpenGL rendering performance for meshes with more than 60 bones
-improved OpenGL rendering performance by optimizing OpenGL shaders better
-improved OpenGL rendering performance for Vertex/Index (VI) processing
-improved Forward renderer performance when AO is enabled
-improved Forward renderer performance when there are more than 1 lights
-improved Forward renderer performance on Mobile when shadows are enabled
-improved Deferred renderer performance on Mobile when viewport is not fullscreen
-improved Deferred renderer performance for non-directional lights
-improved DirectX render performance by minimizing setting shader/buffer/texture API calls
-improved 'D.edgeDetect' shader, it now works correctly with sky
-improved texture compression quality and speed for mip-maps with index >0
-volumetric clouds now affect sun rays
-increased Code Editor C++ source generation speed
-optimized image copying
-added new image copying flags allowing to specify gamma conversions (enabled, disabled, auto)
-added new image formats IMAGE_BC4, IMAGE_BC5, HDR IMAGE_BC6 and sRGB variations IMAGE_*_SRGB (please use sRGB formats everywhere for colors)
-downscaling images is now gamma correct for FILTER_LINEAR
-reduced shader file sizes
-allowed for outputing IMAGE_PRECISION_16 to the monitor potentially enabling HDR support (needs to be tested on actual HDR monitors)
-added new method 'D.eyeAdaptationExp'
-added new method 'D.ambientMin'
-improved dithering if there's eye adaptation enabled, but no Bloom, Motion Blur or Depth of Field
-reduced 'Image' class size (will reduce memory usage for all loaded textures)
-Sun rays dithering can now work if 'Sun.raysRes' is full
-Image Atlas can now be created as not-compressed in the Editor
-added new method 'ImageAtlas.extract'
-added new class 'MouseCursor', which can be passed to a new 'Ms.cursor' method (efficient setting of animated cursors)
-added new tutorial "Animated Mouse Cursor"
-added new member to LightPoint 'lum_max' allowing to control max amount of light
-added support for detecting screen refresh rate on Android
-improved 'D.screen' on Android
-added engine debug assertion tests for drawing meshes in incorrect rendering mode
-added 'Renderer.ms_samples_color' allowing to visualize multi-sampled pixels
-added 'Renderer.indoor' which is a performance hint for light rendering
-added new method 'Threads.wait1'
-improved 'ToScreenRect' performance
-improved 'D.setFade' for immediate=true
-updated OpenVR to latest version
-added new function "Flt Dist(Vec point, Cone cone)"
-additional performance optimizations

-improved shadow blurring on Desktop GL
-fixed a bug on OpenGL when using 'D.highPrecColRT' and no bloom/glow
-fixed restoring system bars visibility when resuming Android app suspended using 'WindowMinimize'
-back flipping normals will now work the same on mirrors/reflections
-fixed black screen on VR for newer GPU's
-fixed render to target tutorial not working on newer GPU's
-minor mouse clipping fixes
-fixed Android compilation when using facebook,google play libraries and engine was downloaded from GitHub
-fixed handle leaks on non-Windows platforms in ConsoleProcess which affects generating custom font in the Editor disappearing after few minutes
-fixed a problem related to closing Thread's on non-Windows platforms
-fixed Application properties "Include Dirs and Libraries" from Windows also affecting Web builds

Name Changes:
LightSqr -> LightLinear
VI.color2 -> VI.color1

API Changes:
-removed RT_SIMPLE renderer (RT_FORWARD can be used as its replacement)
-replaced 'Renderer.simplePrecision' with 'Renderer.forwardPrecision'
-removed simple vertex fog
-removed 'mode' parameter from 'Image.extractMipMap' (it's now always IMAGE_SOFT)
-merged various 'Image' class 'copy', 'copyTry', 'resize', 'resize3D', 'downSample', 'updateMipMaps', 'injectMipMap' method parameters into a single "UInt flags"
-replaced "Str App.cmdLine" with "Mems<Str> App.cmd_line"
-'D.ambientColor', 'Material.color' were split into Linear and sRGB versions
-added "Flt lum_max" parameter to 'LightPoint' constructor
-'D.screen' now changes when device is rotated on iOS
-removed IMAGE_ETC1 (please use ETC2 instead)
-removed IMAGE_B8G8R8A8 (please use IMAGE_R8G8B8A8 instead)
-removed 'D.lost' and 'D.reset' (they were needed only for DX9)
-removed 'D.lodFactorShadow'
-removed 'D.ambientScale', 'D.ambientBias'
-increased default value of 'D.ambientContrast'
08-25-2019 06:10 AM
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