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Hello, my name is Miroslav (Miki for short) - I'm Croatian, 45 y.o. male and I only recently started working on a small game project of my own though I have been following Esenthel for few years now. Having have tried more than a few engines over this time I find that one needs to say 'Congrats and thanks' to Greg for making Esenthel - having tried many there is really no question in my mind why I made Esenthel my 'weapon of choice'. I only hope more people will see this and help Greg keep the engine current with time.
I don't really have any online footprint to show you all - I hope this will change before long.
Since I'm only starting, to use the engine in a more serious manner, I am likely going to be asking more questions than answering them though I hope this will change as well in time.
Happy to be part of the community here and wish you all the best with your projects. One thing I think is sure, they are more likely to succeed having Esenthel on their side.
10-30-2019 09:17 PM
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RE: Hello
Welcome to the party, i'm not really a true user of this engine but I've been following it for years now and having tried it, I can say esenthel is not very famous (today) but is a very good engine indeed, a very mature, well coded and stable engine. It has its quirks (nothing is perfect) but is nothing that the big three don't suffer...
10-31-2019 12:05 AM
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Esenthel Online

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RE: Hello
Many thanks for the post, and welcome!
I wish you good luck with your project smile
10-31-2019 03:27 AM
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