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couple of questions
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couple of questions
im new here , iv'e seen what your engine can do and its extremly powerful and advance .
i have a couple of question tho , is it ok to use the engine with a little programing skill ? im mostly an artist
2- i have a char skinned and animated , i export it from max in .x format with no problem , how do i make it the player ? it have different bones number and places and names too .
3- how do i insert a texture to the terrain in world editor i try drag & drop , also how to put the grass i tryed the LMB & RMB as in the help file .
4- when i export a skinned char do i export the whole animations together or sepert (wolk , run , ...)

finaly im going to buy the engine only to support you (with what i can) , in your great work Grzegorz ?lazi?ski grin
just dont stop like some game engine developers usually do :(
01-22-2009 11:13 AM
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Re: couple of questions
Hi, thanks for your comment smile

1. Yes, I'm trying my best to make the engine the most easy as possible, there still some things to improve, but thats the thing im constantly working on it.

2. When you have an .x file exported properly, you need to convert it to engine's .mesh file, please launch Mesh Editor, drag & drop the .x file onto the tool and see if it has been imported properly, you should see a Mesh (skeleton i Skeleton mode), and animations (in Animation mode)
animations are saved automatically to .anim files, but you should save the skeleton file, and .mesh file

3. World Editor doesn't operate on single textures, but materials, you need to create a material in Mesh Editor, set its textures and parameters, and then you need to save it into "Game Data/Mtrl" folder
If you want to use the grass in WE you need to have the Grass folder data in your "Game Data/" directory, just like in EsenthelEngineSDK\data

4. you can export them all together (directX .x format allows that), they will be automatically saved to engine's .anim files

5. it would be nice wink

thanks, and let me know if you'll have more questions.

I'm working on a simple tech demo right now, but I'll try to make some video tutorials about the basics like importing models and using them in World Editor.
01-22-2009 12:54 PM
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