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Would you like to have EE_SDK_BUILD macro in the headers?
Yes, it would be very useful. 75.00%
aargh, Abril, aceio76, b1s, Ceryni, Demostenes, dragonfly3, Driklyn, dylantan, Dynad, erdemin, Harry, Jben, Koniu, Marbasoft, mncoder, neo22, paviii, runewake2, Sadahar, Skykill, Tottel, Viruzzz, Zervox
24 75.00%
No, I don't need it 3.13%
1 3.13%
I don't care 21.88%
Dampire, Kevin, Mardok, menajev, rndbit, Seba, TBJokers
7 21.88%
Total: 32 vote(s) 100%