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Please select elements for which you'd be willing to contribute at least 10$
hardware instancing 7.04%
Dalmat, Dampire, Donik, DoubleM, dylantan, Fex, Finstern, Flexman, Headclot, kevindekever, macklebee, miro@3dea, MrPi, neo22, Ozmodian, para, paviii, Pixel Perfect, Rogus, Rollcage, rstralberg, Scarlet Thread, Skykill, TBJokers, Tottel, Veggie, yvanvds, Zervox, zhanglidong, 1 Guest
30 7.04%
better performace at large view ranges (better terrain management, custom object range limiting) 6.57%
Dalmat, Dampire, Donik, DoubleM, dylantan, Fex, Flexman, Garpalika, Headclot, JonathonA, mandrake0, miro@3dea, MrPi, neo22, Ozmodian, para, paviii, Pherael, Pixel Perfect, Revek, Skykill, TBJokers, Tottel, uNetti, velocityx, yvanvds, Zervox, zhanglidong
28 6.57%
Esenthel 2.0 grass/tree painting 4.46%
Alexsee, Dalmat, Ezequel, Finstern, Flexman, Garpalika, Headclot, mandrake0, Marbasoft, MrPi, para, Pixel Perfect, Rofar, rstralberg, Skykill, xzessmedia, zhanglidong, 2 Guests
19 4.46%
Esenthel 2.0 configuring mesh parts for visibility 1.41%
Garpalika, gdalex, Headclot, MrPi, xzessmedia, 1 Guest
6 1.41%
Esenthel 2.0 physical cloth editing, Add cloth support to PhysX 3 and upgrade EE 1.0 to PhysX 3 2.35%
Finstern, gdalex, Headclot, khces, macklebee, Pixel Perfect, Revek, Skykill, xzessmedia, Zervox
10 2.35%
Esenthel 2.0 manual editing of code syncing conflicts 0.23%
1 0.23%
Esenthel 2.0 option to see the list of opened Code Editor files just like in 1.0 0.47%
Headclot, uNetti
2 0.47%
Esenthel 2.0 undo support to more editors 1.64%
Dalmat, Ezequel, gdalex, Headclot, MrPi, Ozmodian, zhanglidong
7 1.64%
Esenthel 2.0 integrated shader editor 3.76%
Dalmat, Garpalika, gdalex, Headclot, Kevin, macklebee, Marbasoft, MrPi, Pixel Perfect, Rofar, Tottel, xzessmedia, yvanvds, Zervox, zhanglidong, 1 Guest
16 3.76%
GPS support for Android/iOS 1.41%
arturooo3, dylantan, mandrake0, Pherael, xzessmedia, yvanvds
6 1.41%
ability to render 3d meshes on top of current viewport without clearing it for Mobile platforms 0.47%
cmontiel, dylantan
2 0.47%
add support for secondary 'Astro.highlight_front' (for moon sky highlight effect) 0.94%
dylantan, miro@3dea, paviii, Revek
4 0.94%
more video tutorials 2.35%
Alexsee, dylantan, gdalex, Headclot, macklebee, Ozmodian, Revek, xzessmedia, zhanglidong, 1 Guest
10 2.35%
update documentation for Esenthel 2.0 3.52%
Alexsee, Dalmat, Donik, Finstern, gdalex, Headclot, JonathonA, MrPi, Pherael, Revek, Rofar, rstralberg, uNetti, zhanglidong, 1 Guest
15 3.52%
windows 8 RT (ARM tablets) support 1.41%
cmontiel, dylantan, Ecco, Headclot, mandrake0, Rubeus
6 1.41%
touch support for windows 8 desktop 0.23%
1 0.23%
dual range ambient occlusion (small and big) 3.05%
Dalmat, Donik, dylantan, Ecco, Fex, miro@3dea, paviii, Rogus, rstralberg, Skykill, TBJokers, uNetti, Zervox
13 3.05%
esenthel editor 2.0 app for android (and investigate possibility of iOS app as well) 0.47%
Veggie, xzessmedia
2 0.47%
setting PathObstacle's in background thread 1.17%
Dalmat, dylantan, paviii, Rollcage, Zervox
5 1.17%
visual scripting (triggers, events, flow graphs) in 2.0 3.05%
Dalmat, Garpalika, gdalex, JonathonA, Koniu, macklebee, mandrake0, miro@3dea, Pherael, Revek, xzessmedia, Zervox, 1 Guest
13 3.05%
groupping objects in World Editor 2.0 2.58%
Dalmat, Finstern, gdalex, JonathonA, miro@3dea, MrPi, Revek, rstralberg, uNetti, Zervox, 1 Guest
11 2.58%
additional tesselation mode - displacement mapping 1.88%
Dalmat, dylantan, miro@3dea, paviii, rstralberg, xzessmedia, Zervox, 1 Guest
8 1.88%
baking lightmaps 2.82%
arturooo3, dylantan, Ecco, Flexman, macklebee, rstralberg, Skykill, Veggie, xzessmedia, Zervox, zhanglidong, 1 Guest
12 2.82%
world heightmap material replace (material A -> B) for 2.0 1.88%
Ezequel, Flexman, JonathonA, miro@3dea, Tottel, uNetti, Zervox, 1 Guest
8 1.88%
slope limit for placing objects using object brush in 2.0 1.88%
dylantan, Finstern, Flexman, miro@3dea, Ozmodian, rstralberg, velocityx, 1 Guest
8 1.88%
alternative bokeh blur filter for depth of field effect 1.17%
Dalmat, dylantan, miro@3dea, velocityx, Zervox
5 1.17%
special effects editor in 2.0 4.46%
Dalmat, Finstern, gdalex, khces, macklebee, Marbasoft, miro@3dea, MrPi, Ogniok, Pherael, Revek, Rofar, Rollcage, xzessmedia, yvanvds, Zervox, zhanglidong, 2 Guests
19 4.46%
add more detailed comments/descriptions for functions in C++ headers 2.11%
dylantan, Ecco, Finstern, gwald, JonathonA, miro@3dea, para, uNetti, velocityx
9 2.11%
more customizable GuiStyle editing in 2.0 2.58%
Alexsee, Dalmat, Donik, dylantan, Finstern, gdalex, Marbasoft, MrPi, Revek, Rofar, xzessmedia
11 2.58%
Gui TextBox Object 1.88%
Alexsee, dylantan, gdalex, paviii, RedcrowProd, Revek, xzessmedia, 1 Guest
8 1.88%
advanced occlusion culling 4.23%
Dalmat, Dampire, Donik, DoubleM, dylantan, Ecco, Fex, Flexman, miro@3dea, Ozmodian, para, paviii, Pixel Perfect, Rofar, Scarlet Thread, Skykill, xzessmedia, Zervox
18 4.23%
CSG models editing in world editor 2.0 1.64%
dylantan, Ecco, Garpalika, gdalex, macklebee, Scarlet Thread, xzessmedia
7 1.64%
voxel terrain 4.46%
dylantan, Ecco, Ezequel, Garpalika, macklebee, MrPi, mystara, neo22, Ozmodian, para, paviii, rstralberg, Scarlet Thread, TBJokers, velocityx, xzessmedia, Zervox, zhanglidong, 1 Guest
19 4.46%
greater control over different water surface velocities for 2.0 2.35%
Dalmat, dylantan, Ecco, Finstern, macklebee, miro@3dea, Revek, TBJokers, xzessmedia, 1 Guest
10 2.35%
moving character controller along with animations 2.82%
Dalmat, dylantan, Finstern, Flexman, gdalex, JonathonA, khces, miro@3dea, Rofar, rstralberg, Skykill, xzessmedia
12 2.82%
mirrors and reflections on mesh surfaces 3.05%
cmontiel, Dalmat, dylantan, Ecco, gdalex, miro@3dea, mystara, Ogniok, Revek, velocityx, xzessmedia, Zervox, 1 Guest
13 3.05%
water foam and caustics effect, viewing water surface from below, improve water on mobile platforms 3.99%
dylantan, Ecco, Finstern, miro@3dea, mystara, neo22, Ozmodian, paviii, RedcrowProd, Revek, rstralberg, Tottel, velocityx, xzessmedia, yvanvds, Zervox, 1 Guest
17 3.99%
roads in 2.0 2.82%
Alexsee, dylantan, Flexman, Garpalika, Headclot, krokodilcapa, Ogniok, Ozmodian, Revek, Rofar, xzessmedia, 1 Guest
12 2.82%
ability to play sounds from dynamically created data 1.64%
Dalmat, dylantan, Flexman, gdalex, miro@3dea, Revek, xzessmedia
7 1.64%
support for additional platforms (xbox, playstation) 1.88%
Dalmat, dylantan, Ecco, Headclot, Revek, uNetti, xzessmedia, 1 Guest
8 1.88%
sound modifiers (reverb, ...) 1.88%
Dalmat, dylantan, Flexman, miro@3dea, Revek, Veggie, xzessmedia, 1 Guest
8 1.88%
Total: 426 vote(s) 100%