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Bugs in EditorInterface::worldObjGetDesc/Data
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Bugs in EditorInterface::worldObjGetDesc/Data
EditorInterface::worldObjGetDesc and EditorInterface::worldObjGetData

Do not get sent by the client if the C CMemPtr<UID> &world_obj_instance_ids=null parameter is null.

Therefore I would recommend removing the default "null"s here:


To force users to pass in a world_obj_instance_ids.

Secondly, the client does not send the request if world_obj_instance_ids elms == 0;


I believe at both of the locations:
&& world_obj_instance_ids.elms()
should be removed. Also in the fail return as well.

The Editor source code here:

Makes it clear that the intent is that world_obj_instance_ids.elms() == 0 should be able to be sent from the client, but that is not the case, it does not get sent, and the return value of the functions are "true" even when the request packet is not sent.


Also not really a bug but limit_obj_ids is defined in case Edit.EI_GET_WORLD_OBJ_FULL but never used:

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11-13-2022 06:49 PM
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RE: Bugs in EditorInterface::worldObjGetDesc/Data
Thank you very much,
I've applied changes:
11-14-2022 10:02 AM
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