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December 2022
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December 2022
Updated Esenthel Source:
-plenty of Touch/TextLine/TextBox Mobile improvements
-improved 'FileText' and internal UTF8 functions to correctly process more unicode characters (emojis)
-greatly improved 'InternetCache' class, including file size limits, memory usage limits, pak replace in place, etc.
-added new functions 'App.pickPhoto' 'App.receive' allowing to pick photos on mobile platforms
-added new function 'SizeText'
-added support for importing AVIF images
-added support for JpegXL file format on Windows
-added new class 'Date'
-added support for controlling application system/nav bars on iOS
-added new function 'App.statusBarColor' for iOS
-added support for processing JPG EXIF orientation tags to rotate images correctly
-recompiled Engine Builders on Mac/Linux to fix shader errors
-added support for D.rectUI on Android
-improved Kb.visible on Android

-fixed shader issues on OpenGL

Name Changes:
-removed "Try" in various function names, example File.readTry -> File.read
12-29-2022 06:20 AM
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