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February 2023
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February 2023
Updated Esenthel Source:
-Engine is no longer completely free, there's now a 5% royalty (please check license documentation for more details)
-Android Application Icons are now rounded by default
-Added More Translation Texts in "Translation.h"
-Improved App/Engine/Embed PAKs generation across multiple platforms
-added new Ftp . setFileTime function
-updated Uploader tool to always set the same file modification date for installer
-added new Patcher.installerModifyTimeUTC function
-fixed Android TextLine/TextBox cursor position location on first appearance of screen keyboard
-fixed potential crash on Android ClipGet
-moving UI Window now limits movement to D.rectUI instead of D.rect
-added new TextStyle.image_color allowing to specify custom color for images (or transparency)
-Android app rotation now checks for "Auto-Rotate" (disabled or not)
-fixed Engine compilation on Windows UWP (xbox)
02-17-2023 09:50 AM
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