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[BUG] World / Model / Mesh Editor
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[BUG] World / Model / Mesh Editor

I´m from germany and I hope you can understand me.

I think I found a little bug in the Editor in every versions.

When I´m in World Editor, I can use the "Insert and Delete" button on the Numblock.

I can add some objects, paths, terrain etc.

But when I´m in the Model Editor - Skeleton try to add a bone with "Insert" on the Numblock, nothing happends. Also with "Delete", it making nothing. But the other "Insert and Delete" key ( combinated with FN - Key , because I use a Asus G73 Laptop ) works. Its a little annoying. I have tried it with any versions of the Editor, only when I want to add a bone or ctrl + insert with the Numblock, it doesent work.

In the World Editor is everything fine.
( Numblock on and off tested )

I think its easy to fix. Can you fix it please?

And I have another question.

When I´m importig models, the material - tech is default - alpha test.
But my or many models have black materials, so I have to change the tech to default. And then I´m make a bump map.

Is it better and faster (loading, cpu usage ) to make a bump of every material from the model or
should it be " on-the-fly-bumping" with the EE-engine?

Ah... I found another "bug" .. or have a question, or a request..

When you are in the Model Editor, and you want to transform the Mesh,
you could click on the right mouse button and a window pop up. This is good, you can move the mesh or rotate it in a menu. But why isnt this
window when you are in Skeleton Modus? Its annoying to move the mouse really carefully, not to be 1 cm outsite the center, or rotating or moving is very hard without this window. And I the "weight vertex painting" or how it called, is not so accurate. I can show only the Mesh I want to paint, this is a good feature, but I dont like to animate in this editor because its not so easy for me without this windows...

What I´m missing is when a skeleton is loaded , I cant move this complete. And I dont want to move my mesh so far away ( I almost dont saw it
-- Loading problems ? )

I already set the high to 1. And the skeleton and mesh was on the axis.
( Maybe a little bug, but I dont want to report it, because it was only
in one file )

I´m missing the import bones or skeleton function, I have a mesh with bones, but it doesnt load it in .x or .mesh format. Also I have to animate or skeleton-nate ( :-) ) this in the editor?

--> ms3d Mesh imports Bones, but they are very small and I dont can select them -> can it be scaled?
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02-05-2011 06:23 PM
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RE: [BUG] World / Model / Mesh Editor
Can me help somebody?
02-12-2011 02:39 PM
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RE: [BUG] World / Model / Mesh Editor
ill change the Model Editor to use the same type of insert detection
02-12-2011 03:56 PM
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