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Feature Request Guide
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Feature Request Guide
  • All feature requests are welcome
  • Before making a new feature request, you may want to search if such request was already posted
  • Due to big amount of feature requests, not all requests are guaranteed to get an official reply
  • Esenthel is deeply commited to become one of the best game engines in the world

There are several factors determining the importance of a feature:
+ You're a big company with good public opinion and history of successful products
+ You're using Esenthel for multiple products
+ Feature is easy/quick to develop
+ Feature will benefit many users
+ You help promote Esenthel (you submit Screens, Videos, spread the positive opinion about the engine, ..)
+ You're in advanced stage of developing a product of professional quality
- The effect of the feature can already be achieved using other methods
(Please note that these are only small hints, and the roadmap/future of the engine is completely controlled by Esenthel Development Staff)

Not getting an official reply doesn't mean I don't wish to help you, it simply means I am busy with other things.
Please be kind and understanding, and remember that there are many clients/feature requests, and developing an engine and adding new features is a very complex and long process.

If some feature is critical for your needs you can consider contacting me to discuss payment for adding such feature on demand in first priority.
03-21-2011 08:42 PM
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