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Using Tutorials.
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codemonkey420 Offline

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Using Tutorials.
I apologize for my noob questions firstly. I'm new to C++ and my coding experience is mostly Python scripting. I've never used Visual Studio before as well.

So my questions.

1. How do I get a different tutorial to appear when I run the 'Tutorials' application? Yes, I read through the 'Readme' file but honestly it just confused the hell out of me. I've tried removing everything but "01 - Drawing" in the 'Source' folder but even without the "00 - Start" file in the 'Source' folder it still runs the basic tutorial.

2. I'm also wondering about where I put the compiled code once I start editing attributes and values.

This should get me started and answer some of my other questions in learning this part.

04-19-2011 05:51 PM
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Chris Offline

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RE: Using Tutorials.
Hi, Welcome to the community!

On the left in visual studio, in Source > you'll see 00 - Start.cpp

Right click this, click "Exclude from Project"
Right click Source > Add Existing Item > 4 - Demos, Game Basics > Game Basics > 16 - Camera Modes.cpp
Debug > Start Without Debugging

Hope it goes well smile
04-19-2011 07:00 PM
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codemonkey420 Offline

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RE: Using Tutorials.
Haha thanks. I was trying to do this totally wrong. I was opening the (.../Tutorials/Tutorials.exe) which launches the 00-Start, displaying the screen about moving to the next tutorial. I was trying to manually remove the unwanted Tutorials from (.../Tutorials/Source) and then opening the 'Tutorials.exe' again. I thought it was a script that accessed the subdirectory and launched the tutorials by launching the first file found in Source. Lesson learned!

I was also using Visual Studio Express and I applied the settings that came with the Esenthel download. I've upgraded to Visual Studio Pro and I think I'll stick with defaults this time for less confusion on my part.

Really though. That 'Readme' needs to be rewritten, the wording isnt very concise.
Something like.

1. Open Visual Studio.
2. Navigate to (...EsenthelEngineSDK\Tutorials\Tutorials.sln)
3. With the Visual Studio Solution Explorer open, right click and remove the *.cpp in Tutorials > Source or select it and hit delete.
4. Right click on the 'Source' folder and choose 'Add existing item'. Then select a new tutorial file from the 'Source' folder.
5. Run with F5.
6. Repeat for other tutorials.

Feel free to copy paste if you like this Esenthel pfft lol
Yay! Rocking these tutorials now. This stuffs pretty easy now that I know how to open the tutorials..... guaranteed I will be back with more questions though!!!
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04-20-2011 01:04 AM
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