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Operation. Strike101 - Infernix Entertainment
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Operation. Strike101 - Infernix Entertainment
Team name: Infernix

Project name: Operation. Strike 101

Brief description:

Please visit our website for screenshots at http://www.infernixe.com

General Features
* we plan for the campaign to be split up into three parts, each part includes 5 chapters. We hope for each chapter to last 1 hour.
* Players: Levelling systems, custom weapon classes and build your kill streak tree in a unique way.
* We have license for Esenthel Engine.
* The game is based in a first person perspective and will be throughout.
* Many objects will be destructible, including some buildings and mainly props.

Multi-player Features
* play with your friends In: Base control (CTF), Team Death match, Sabotage (plant the bomb/Defuse Bomb to win), Civilian Panic , Free-for-All.
* Interact with the environment (i.e. open and close doors, and even enter vehicles!).
* Level up in an action packed environment, unlock new weapons and attachments!
* Build your bonds with the community through microphone!
* The Alpha will include 3 maps, the Beta will include 8 maps and the Final Game will include 12 maps.

We have been developing for: about a year and a half together now but this project has been in the works for 5 months.

Where does the game take place?
The game is set in 2018 within Europe, starting with Sweden.

What is the main focus?
The main focus is on the game play, Storyline and the atmosphere around you.

What’s different?
Our overall game play will be unique and work in different ways, Weapons and their attachments, the map's, Sabotage and a brand new perk & Kill streak system. Originally, it’s aim was to have the things CoD lacked + more. All of this is in our GDD.

Target aim:

Company goal
as a small indie team, we want to establish a new name for ourselves in the market of online game play and online experience. Furthermore, we want to show the world what is possible with current up-to-date graphics and engines,

Game goal
our aim is to sell the game in the Steam Store, because we feel very serious about our project and what it is worth.

Compensation: For compensation you will receive a percentage of the potential profit (TBD) or become an employee if sales are successful.


- Autodesk 3ds Max.
- Photoshop.
- C++ (The engine does allow to Sync files to a master server)
- Visual Studio C++ 2008 (If you have not got this and have no money, get the free version, Express.) – HTML, PHP, Java script
Esenthel Engine

Game engine:

Game Engine Overview
Visit http:\\www.esenthel.com

File Sync
the game engine can be used by an entire team, using File Syncing. A member of the team has set up a server for all to use, we can add your account manually (password protected), and you are ready to go. Press the Synchronize button to sync up with the new files on the server, but please first make sure your files are like ours otherwise you will over ride current files on the server.

We have already paid for licensing!

Talent needed (Numbered from Most needed to Least needed):

1. Modeller(s) (3+)
this is what it says on the tin, we need a couple of modellers. Preferably using Autodesk 3DS Max, but we allow other programs, the steps to producing it in the Engine can be Complex, so we suggest not Syncing the File to the server, but rather send it to our Lead Modeller.

2. Texture Artist(s) (2+)
the texture artist should be able to produce textures (Preferably Draw them) and then apply them to our models.

3. Animator(s) (2+)
The Animation will need to be done to precision in a large animation loop.

4. GUI Editors (1)
The Gui is not complex but we'd like it to look good and inovative.

5. Programmers 1 – 2
Since we’re using Esenthel Engine for this project, we ask that you have some experience with the engine. However, if you feel you could learn how to use the engine (which is pretty simple) then please don’t hesitate to apply.

Team structure: Please Note that this team is very diverse with members from Sweden, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and America. (We all speak English as a medium though.)

Mattias Holmstrom - Modelling, animation, Applying Textures & Web Coder
Jamie Dugard - Writer (A Little Coding, Animation & Modelling)
Dwight Gijzen - Law, Coder and CEO
Eppu Peltonen - 2D Graphical Artist (Freelancer)
Kiron Pubben - Music Composer/Web Coder
Thomas Hobson - Story Writer
M. Gibson Bethke – Unity Division
Nick Paunovic - Voice Actor
James Wyatt - Voice Actor
Jacob Hilboldt - Sound FX
Benjamin Bryce Bias - Programmer (C++)

Bruno Lüders - Programmer (C++)
Scott Mesich – Voice Actor
Elliot Airey - Marketing
Stephan Teuchgraber – 3D Modeller
Charlie Samways – Part Time Modeller
Jonny - Partner (Channel 14)

Official Website:


Community Forums:
(just opened)


Email: jobs@infernixe.com

Mattias: Holman33
Jamie: Jamsterx1
Dwight: Dwight.Gijzen
Benjamin: sfcbias

Previous Work by Team:
We have been a team for 1 year now. We’ve developed many 3D games but never successfully hit the release stage; however we have a good feeling about this game and have more planned for development.
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