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June 2011
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June 2011
Released for Windows:
-new method Ms.pos(Vec2 pos)
-small fixes to Ms.clip and Ms.freeze (they will now not work if application doesnt have mouse acquired, also enabling Ms.freeze in one frame and not calling it in other frame will now not disable previously enabled custom Ms.clip if any)
-new builtin operators Vec2&Rect, VecI2&RectI, Vec&Box, VecI&BoxI which work as intersections
-new method Patcher::installerProgress
-fixed usage of correct EE.libs when compiling using Code Editor with configuration of dx10+ and 64bit libs
-Data Browser verify paths button will now list also incorrect paths with "./" or "../"
-Image::drawTile and GuiStyle::image_back will now use image aspect information when drawing the tiled image
-new method Physics.actorShapes allowing to obtain information about number of actor shapes in the world
-fixed using custom path for NxTetra.dll from the Physics.create path
-new code editor option "explore build" when right clicking on project application
06-13-2011 01:50 PM
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