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Action MMORPG in development
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Action MMORPG in development
so in my project, heres what I have done:

AI script for attacking, stop aggroing from too far of a distance, despawning after being too far, respawning after despawning and death, and experience gain relative to monster's level and defense, and monster's level is set to randomF(1,3) when it is created so you dont fight everything of the same strength. I have the AI's attack power relative to level based on a formula.

Player combat is partially complete, letting Ms.bp(0) be an attack, both melee and ranged. Ms.b(1) makes a sharpshot type accuracy enhancer like looking in a scope, shift is sprinting and makes jumping longer. player damage is determined by randomF(Player.strength, Player.attackdmg), and attackdmg is calculated by Player.strength + Round(Player.dexterity / 2).

I have some Hud/gui components implemented, just raw alpha tests, and an actionbar with gui buttons which will be set to images based on skills.
no skills are implemented yet as Im still working on basic mechanics. Name, HP, and Stamina are displayed in a WoW, RoM, Rift, Lotro, etc like display in top left.

The magic, skill, and sprinting system will all take from stamina, which is the main thing that separates this system from alot of others. The battle system is based on FPS style, not too in depth, eventually will allow headshots for higher dmg. click mouse to attack, if you want to dodge, move away, if you want to be stronger, raise your defense so you can take hits more. I will add a block command which alters the animation and defense of the character while the block is held, kind of like Champions online.

As far as features, I plan to implement player housing, an intensive questing system, farming (for the casual), alchemy, armorcraft, weaponcraft, cooking, merchanting(quests which involve taking an item and selling it in a different town for exp and rewards), and many other features that I personally would like to see in a MMO.

On my roadmap (as sloppy as it seems) I will not implement MMO (client/server) functionality until the game becomes somewhat enjoyable, so it will remain a singleplayer rpg until then.

once I have a name for the game, a modeler (I cant model worth crap but voluntary based on my game design which I think tons of people would agree with that we need in today's mmo market), a website, and a playable demo, I will release further information.

If anyone would like to assist in this project to make my dream of an mmorpg become a reality, email me at jwhenry3@yahoo.com.

The things i need most are:
3d Modeler,
Graphics designer,
Networking Coder.

I assume the role in this project as:
Game Mechanics Coder,
Head Game Designer

If anyone believes their skills could be useful to making the most epic MMORPG
06-26-2011 06:07 AM
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RE: Action MMORPG in development
So far I have a working chatbox, but needs work on text placement.

Still need a bit of assistance in converting a single player game to a multiplayer game.

I have a working maneuver-changing race system.

Soon I will make each race change starting stats as well.

I have 3 races that alter movement so far.

Human - which is standard, shift to dash a bit faster, jump and hit F to dash in the air, then run and hit F to dash on the ground in any direction.

Vampire(changable, but I like the idea) - standard like Human, although instead of dashing and jump dashing, you start out flying slow, until you increase your agility.

unknown(possibly beast) - only bonus is when you sprint, you run really fast, and it helps with crossing long terrains, and if you jump while sprinting, you jump even further.

I am trying to implement variability to movement, and style of attacking. I have yet to implement a successful inventory and item system, so that is something I plan on hitting hard.

The idea around the game is letting the player move, play, interact with the world how they choose.

These races allow the player to be as quick, as scaredy-cat, or as tough as they want to be. There are plans to implement a system for battle where you choose your role, and it has a cooldown, to what style you want to play as. I will make offensive, defensive, and evasive. Offensive will increase attack, mag attack, and lower def, and mag def. Defensive will increase defense, mag defense, and lower attack and mag attack. Evasive will increase your movement speed and increase your ability to pin down the opponent, reduce attack speed, or slow their movement based on the attacks you set.

The outlook on the battle system in other areas are as followed.

I will be looking for a system similar to GW where you can set only a few skills, which after a set cooldown, you can reset them to a different set or however you like. This will act like a class-change, as I will not make what skills you can use limited based on your weapon or gear.

One main component in the battle system will be the class system. There will be no classes, only what you make. Weapons will only affect the potency of magic, attack, and a few other modifiers. You would be able to weild a greatsword while casting magic. I plan on using a system SIMILAR to ffxiv where you learn skills the more you use a weapon, however those skills are not nerfed when you dont use that weapon. Every skill will be usable with every weapon, however the stats of the weapon will be the factor on if the skills pull of well.

I also plan on making weapon types affect movement speed. So if you want to use a greatsword, it will reduce your speed as you cannot run really fast with it as it is heavy, unless you have the class which increases sprint speed.

Another factor, the stamina system. All skills, magic, movement will require stamina. No mana, magic, MP, Energy, stuff like most games. Pure FPS style stamina. How long you can fly, dash, sprint will be determined by this. I promise not to make it kill you, I hate ragequiting personally. I also plan on making stamina increase as you level. I may add a third energy type for epic attacks, kind of like FF's limit break system, which will make for interesting combinations of gameplay elements.

The quest system will be based on a storyline, which based on your weapon and race, you will be able to partake in certain quests. say you have your greatsword skill raised to 30, you would then flag the ability to partake in a quest which grants a nice skill only usable for your greatsword. These epic skills are the only thing limited to each weapon as it would look stupid using omnislash with a wand.... lol FF reference one again.

I just would like to take from the many games Ive played, and Implement features that I believe the not-so-average AND the average player would want to see in an MMO.

I wish you would read this and let me know if YOU are interested in seeing something like this come to life!
07-01-2011 02:28 AM
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