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Mirror vertex paint
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Mirror vertex paint
I've been working with the EE toolset and have come to like the way that you handle animation. It's pretty intuitive and I think you did an awesome job with it.

I'm still not totally on board with the vertex paint modes yet, as I have used Maya for a long time and gotten set in my old age... ahem ways.

I believe that the model editor is a powerful tool and I think that having an ability to mirror vertex painting (I believe it's called Mirror weights in Maya) would be of benefit to art teams.

Assuming a symetrical mesh and joint structure, having an ability to select a bone, vertex paint the weights near it, and then mirror that to the other leg (and its vertices) would improve productivity. While it would likely be a bear to code and there are definately other objectives of more import, I do think having this function would be another feather in an impressive cap of features that this engine has.
08-11-2011 09:23 PM
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