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Inventory with two lists
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Harry Offline

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Inventory with two lists

I have small (I think) problem with Inventory. It looks like this from Bloody Masscacre with some additional conditions about when player can have item in hand etc.

I created second window with list with objects which is inside some other objects (sub_objs). Let's call it loot_list.

I can without any problems move objestc from loot_list to inventory_list thanks to itemPutTo function. Items are here proper exclude from one list and include to another. But the problem starts when I want put object to slot. In most cases it works ok but sometimes when I move object in this way:

First object:
took from inventory_list -> put on slot
Second object:
took from loot_list -> put on the same slot -> objects are swapped (in temporary slot I have first object)
First object:
can't put it again in inventory_list (object is put when I click on loot_list)

I think that this is because when I put object on slot, number of elements on lists doesn't change, but I'm not sure what can I do.

Both windows - inventory and loot are created and managed in one structure.

To sum up I want obtain something like in Esenthel RPG 2 (when opponent dies I can take items form it). Could someone help me with that?
09-18-2011 10:24 PM
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