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Animation/position variables
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Animation/position variables
Ok revised this thread.

Ok so to make an AI I want to do that serverside and I've decided to scrap the RPG2 stuff for AI as I don't like it at all, could I get an explanation on how I can make an array of all of the OBJ_CHR's on my map to be clear I know how to make an array but the OBJ_CHR includes player's so I'm guessing I would have to do this when it initializes and then distinguish there stats and behaviors based on there types like CHR_GOBLIN etc

Also I haven't had alot of time to dig into the models.

{-1, "anim/swing/l-l.anim" },
{+1, "anim/swing/l-r.anim" },
{-1, "anim/swing/l-ld.anim"},
{+1, "anim/swing/l-rd.anim"},
{-1, "anim/swing/r-l.anim" },
{+1, "anim/swing/r-r.anim" },
{-1, "anim/swing/r-ld.anim"},
{+1, "anim/swing/r-rd.anim"},

Is that r-l.anim for instance a defenition that every single character currently has so that's how I can distinguish there animations?

Also last thing when the character dies I can ragdoll enable it which is really cool actually. But how do I make the model dissappear once I decide it's dead and how would I make it appear again for the respawn which I'm guessing would be exactly the same seeing as how they are directly related.

Also map is client side can I load the map server side also for the mob placement or would it be easier to list coordinates server side and say spawn this model to the client
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Hi Trevah, that code is strictly client-side, I'm sure you already know that. So with that said, it will mean that each player may see a totally different mob movement and activity. Is this still something you want to do?

As for the steps, I think someone would really have to look into the code and describe it to you here, unless you can do it yourself. I am not sure if anyone here is utilizing that AI code anywhere, but here's hoping someone has. I personally would have to look at it myself first before I can describe it to you. I am sure, however, that it is extending the Chr object.
Actually, it might be easier if you post specific questions here rather than having one describe the whole process. Does that sound good? I think it's win-win for everyone (it would be a lot of work to describe it from top to bottom).

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Updated Original Post to pertain to what I'm doing now.
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