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Shadow Biasing
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Shadow Biasing
I have a problem with shadowing that I have so far been unable to solve. I've tried every trick I know that EE allows but nothing helps. The problem can be seen in this video I took.

It just seems to be a shadow biasing issue... common problem with shadow mapping. The real issue is that EE does not allow us to adjust the biasing. I'm sure the biasing has been set to something that looks good for an RPG, when viewing the world from the scale of a human for example. But in my case, the world isn't scaled like this, so the shadow biasing is all out and gives these really bad artifacts.

I have tried increasing the shadow map size, turning on soft shadows, jitter and reduce flicker. I've also tried reducing the shadow frac as well as setting custom shadow map steps. None of these make any difference as the problem really seems to be with biasing.

Esenthel, can you please expose an option to adjust the biasing as the current biasing does not work at all for this project. We just need one more option for shadow settings, like D.shadowBias(Flt bias) for example.
01-07-2012 02:34 PM
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