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March 2012
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March 2012
Released for Windows and Android:
build 2:
-IMPORTANT: virtual gui object methods (such as 'update' and 'draw') have "GuiPC &" parameter changed to "C GuiPC &", please adjust your codes by adding the const modifier
-IMPORTANT: updated EE SDK for Android to latest Google SDK and NDK ("-frtti" needs to be removed from android.mk file, and "LOCAL_CPP_FEATURES := rtti exceptions" line added)
-IMPORTANT: updated OpenGL shaders in engine.pak (Mac and Mobile platforms), please update your engine.pak and recompile custom opengl shaders
-added support for built-in C++ compiler in the Code Editor, accessible through menu option "Play" (this is early Alpha version)
-Editor will now save "Editor to Editor connection address" in settings file
-16bit depth buffer will try to be used on mobile devices if 24bit is unavailable, which enables support for Tegra GPU's (like Asus Transformer Prime tablets) which don't support 24bit depth buffers
-improved gui source codes to better handle touch based input
-improved Tab width calculation when using auto size
-WindowIO now has new "Up" button that goes back in the current path
-added support for OSLaunch for Android platform
-added support for Mouse input for Android platform
-new enums in KB_BUTTON and KB_FUNC groups (located in "Input Buttons.h" file)
-added support for Keyboard input for Android platform (pressing back button will now not exit the app automatically, you must check for Kb.bp(KB_NAV_BACK) || Kb.bp(KB_ESC) and exit manually)
-new method "Int D.maxTexSize()" returning maximum supported 2d texture size for current gpu
-new method "Circle::drawPie"
-new Model and World Editor menu option "View/Camera Screen Controls"
-world object properties scale textline can now be entered as single float value (uniform scale), and as 3 float values (non-uniform scale)
-Meml memory container now has copy constructor
-Meml operator[](int i) now has debug range assertion
-improved jpeg importer for non-windows platforms to return false instead of exiting upon invalid jpeg files
-fixed potential crash on android platform when application is being minimized or deattached/attached to dock
04-04-2012 06:14 AM
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RE: March 2012
Released for Mac and iOS:
build 2:
-this update features all updates since last Mac and iOS release
04-08-2012 06:41 AM
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