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Accountant Looking to get involved in an MMORPG
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Accountant Looking to get involved in an MMORPG
Hey Community,

Im a qualified public Accountant in Australia, I am an avid and longstanding fan and player of the MMORPG genre (dating back to the T2A ultima online days), I enjoy Beta testing the new MMORPGS. That being said I would like to offer my skillset to work, casually, for free on a fantasy MMORPG. I see my reward as being able to get an understanding of the industry and the enjoyment of pursuing a hobby that

My skills could assist in things like:

Basic Financial and Management Accounting skills:

- Dealing with investors, marketers, setting up a kickstarter program;

- Advising how to allocate funds, calculating budgets or various business ratios, for example - calculating how many subscriptions or show acquisitions are needed per month to break even;

- Calculating the possibility for f2p options and estimating how the revenue stream will be brought in.

In game skills:

- Calculating in game skill, damage, possibility tables, for example crafting success rates

- Assisting with determining what prices vendor items are in game.

- Assisting to determining how hard skills are raised.

I understand there are more things that require consideration but any comments of the community would be greatly appreciated.

05-10-2012 12:12 PM
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