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June 2012
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June 2012
Released for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS:
build 8:

-replaced vector clampLength method with clipLength, which now accepts only max_length parameter (without min_length like before)
-renamed List "order" indexes to "vis" (visible) indexes, and "elm" indexes to "abs" (absolute) indexes for easier understanding of the indexes purpose
-SUPPORT_PVRTC macro has been renamed to SupportPVRTC() function
-Android SDK no longer requires cygwin to be installed (you can uninstall it), but you need to change your eclipse project settings from "bash ../ndk-build -j4" to "../ndk-build.cmd -j4"
-reorganized Esenthel Android SDK folder layout (now sample pak files are without the .jet file extension, if you wish you can add it on your own)
-FontDefault is now a pointer, to avoid accidental twice loading and double memory usage of fonts (for example if FontDefault is loaded, and some gui object loads the same font from Fonts cache), now FontDefault will be setup to font from Fonts cache as well
-default value for TextDS::font is now NULL instead of 'FontDefault' as before, having NULL means that the TextDS font is taken from FontDefault pointer at the moment of accessing the TextDS, meaning that you can change FontDefault pointer and TextDS font will always be set to the current value of FontDefault
-because Code Editor is targetted for making games with lots of floating point calculations where performance is important, it now treats floating point numbers according to following rules, 0.0 = float, 0.0f = float, 0.0d = double ('f' and no suffix are treated as 32-bit float, 'd' suffix is treated as 64-bit double)
-Major Improvements:
-Code Editor now supports creating Android APK files (with compiling, linking, uploading to device and starting), you can say goodbye to Eclipse
-Code Editor now features new Application Export options allowing to export the project into pure C++, VS2008, VS2010, Android projects and pure C++ that is Xcode compatible (when creating for Android and Xcode, Code Editor will automatically solve GCC compiler issues caused by 'super' and double template '>>' symbol, also when using Code Editor for Android, adding .jet extensions for paks is not needed)
-added sample Code Editor project to the Android SDK
-improved Icon Maker tool by adding more options to it, its settings can now be saved to file
-added more flexibility when creating OpenGL context on Android platform in order to support older devices
-compiled exe's will now be much smaller
-Window fading now has additional zoom effect (based on Windows OS)
-updated documentation about Android platform including development using Code Editor, and removed the parts about cygwin installation
-Code Editor now features build progress bar
-Code Editor now supports "view/android device log" (LogCat)
-Data Browser syncing progress bars will now be visible only during syncing (if they become hidden it means syncing has finished)
-application properties in code editor now feature new android specific options like package name, and build number
-fixed Image::crop to always result in the same type and mode as the original image
-added new method VI.face(Vtx3DTexCol, Vtx3DTexCol, Vtx3DTexCol)
-new methods VI.depthWrite allowing to specify custom depth writing, and VI.alphaTest allowing to enable alpha testing (currently working only for Vtx3DTex and new Vtx3DTexCol)
-fixed Code Editor to parse for autocomplete headers specified in project properties when using relative paths to the build
-new method SlideBar::removeSideButtons and member SlideBar::sbc which may be useful for touch-based slidebars
-new member Gui.allow_window_fade which allows to globally disable smooth window fading (useful for mobile devices with poor gpu's)
-new member Gui.desc_delay allowing to manually specify the delay after which gui descriptions are shown
-fixed issue of D.clip not available when drawing after D.fxBegin (this affects built-in window fading when some child elements are partially visible)
-World Editor Grass Range has been moved to Video Options\Advanced
-fixed Window::alpha to return correct value
-Code Editor now features new menu options allowing to quickly jump to previous and next compiler issues
-added new methods Image::createShadow, applyShadow, setShadow allowing to apply shadow effects on images
-removed callbacks from Game.World.save,load methods, if you want to store custom data in savegames, please use save(File &f) and then write custom data to the 'f' file and you will have the same result
-added new functions LogName allowing to specify custom log file output, and LogShow(Bool thread_id, Bool date, Bool time, Bool cur_time) allowing to include extra information in each log output
-adjusted Code Editor's Ctrl+Del to match Visual Studio behaviour better
-temporarily removed built-in Esenthel Compiler until it's finished to make the engine lib and compiled exe's smaller
-Window fading parameters can be controlled with the new Gui.window_fade_in_speed,window_fade_out_speed,window_fade_scale members
-new Memx::swapOrder,moveToStart,moveToEnd methods allowing to change element's order (valid index) without changing their memory addresses
-added support for importing .ico and .cur images to allow for automatic conversion of icons for android projects in Code Editor
-updated "writing portable codes" documentation to add information about Code Editor solving most of the GCC compiler issues automatically
-updated "Code Editor" documentation by adding multi-platform deployment section (automatic Windows/Android and manual Mac/iOS)
-added new "Clean" and "Stop" menu options into Code Editor
-increased stability on Android when minimizing/restoring application
-SafeOverwrite function now features additional optional "Secure *secure=NULL" parameter
-new function callback App.save_state used for mobile platforms which can be used to save state of custom data when it's possible that the application will exit without further notice
-Gui.msgBox will now hide the title bar if the title text is empty
-fixed potential crash when editing codes after #elif preprocessor block in Code Editor
-fixed loading secured pak's on Android
-GetReg will now attempt to read 32/64 bit versions of the registry on fail
06-23-2012 12:36 AM
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RE: June 2012
Released for Windows and Android:
build 9:
-fixed touch detection problems on some Android 4.0 devices
-fixed potential Actor creation error when using multi-threading (for example Game World data loading in background) and APP_AUTO_FREE_PHYS_BODY_HELPER_DATA flag enabled
06-24-2012 12:49 AM
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RE: June 2012
Released for Windows:
build 10:
-fixed disappearing LOD after manual importing of LOD to Mesh in Model Editor
06-30-2012 04:25 PM
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