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Camera circular left/right movement
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Camera circular left/right movement
Hi community,
this is an idea that could be added to improve the Engine.

Many Engines, included Esenthel, use a simple "Camera X-axis based left/right direction movement", this means that when you turn left/right the player/object simple moves left/right, easy but too static (FIG. 1).

But in many games it begins to be used a new kind of left/right movement, a circular movement, more complex but more dynamic too (FIG. 2).

When you turn left, for example, the point the camera is attached moves left, the point simple moves in a direction which is -90° or 270° respect the front of the camera (FIG 3.). The camera continues to look in the same direction, the camera and the point move left concurrently, this is a static movement based to the X axis, I think too static for the games nowadays.

In the other case when you turn left with the circular movement, the camera becomes the center of a circle, the distance between the camera and the point becomes the radius of that circle (FIG. 4). So when you turn left the point designs a perfect circle around the camera, the movement uses both X/Y axis and becomes more dynamic.

[Image: qoj9ep.png]

I hope this explanation and the image are enough clear to be understood, I know my english is not the best but i tried to express myself as clear as possible.

P.s. I forget to say that this camera view-mode is designed only for third person camera.
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