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Mac osx samples evaluation problem
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Mac osx samples evaluation problem

Finally I realised how to work with Esenthel SDK on my iMax i5 with Mountain Lion/xcode 4.4.1 and started to check samples. From beginning everything worked like a charm.

First surprise was with "cpu" sample - it didn't detect sse... !

Then "physical meshes" locked my comp in full screen mode, so I had to reboot, set window mode and tested again. It worked well until I hit ESC and made BAD ACCESS. I modified Shut():

void Shut()

Bad access disappeared.

Then "ragdoll" produced BAD ACCESS in EE::Replace(EE::Str const&, wchar_t, wchar_t) on ESC and .del() for objects didn't help.

"Vehicle" didn't create wheels.
"Cloth" didn't make cloth smile

So I wonder did somebody test all samples on OSX platform ?
Is it possible to fix this samples or something wrong with library ?
I would like to start development soon, but before I must evaluate engine on our main platform - OSX.

Thank you.
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08-20-2012 04:02 PM
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RE: Mac osx samples evaluation problem

Thank you for your interest in Esenthel Engine.

Mac version does not have the codes used for detection of CPU capabilities. (it's not actually used by anything, so I didn't put it as high priority)

Cloth, Vehicle:
Mac+Android+iOS version uses Bullet physics engine (Windows uses PhysX), for Bullet the cloth and vehicle is not yet supported, Mac will have this supported once I switch to PhysX 3.0 for all platforms

I will check the "physical meshes" and "ragdoll" tutorials for your mentioned crashes at first opportunity.
08-20-2012 10:58 PM
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