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OSX 10.8.2 + latest Editor = Crash again
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OSX 10.8.2 + latest Editor = Crash again
Today downloaded latest version of EE for OSX - still has same crash when switch to World Editor tab Previous post

During last month I reported several times to Apple, but no updates for driver. AMD also do not provide any drivers for current OSX. So I wonder what I should do ?
- Wait infinitely for apple driver - they usually do so
- Wait infinitely for EE workaround of this driver bug
- Drop infinitely OSX - sorry, but this I can't :(
- Somehow switch off sky/clouds in World Editor - hack & insert jmp or ret in code to prevent drawing ???
- Just give up

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Actually I just need start to try to start development with EE with my iMac & OSX 10.8.2, because my main platform is OSX
10-19-2012 02:15 AM
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