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Arena Battles looking for Volunteers
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Arena Battles looking for Volunteers
At start I want to apologize for my English, it's not very good.
As You can see, RTS project was... bad.
I want to announce, that our team are looking for skilled (or anyone who want to learn) volunteers, who can help out to make progress in our little game. We're pack of friends, who want to learn, pick up ours portfolio's and have fun.

Full Name: Arena Battles: Clash of Heroes
Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
Target: PC
Expected Producion Time: 10-12 months
People involved in project: Already 6 people.
Soft: Esenthel Engine
Payment: Free 2 Play with ItemShop.

Concept Arts

Training Arena

About game
Arena Battles: Clash of Heroes, would be a 3rd person MOBA game, where two five players team will fight each other. Non-targeting system will improve Your skill, that will be required to win the game. Graphic style will be cartoon, funny, and sometimes absurd. But what is the difference between AB and League of Legends or DoTA?
1. 3rd person camera angle;
2. No NPC's and AI's in whole game (except Boss encounter in few areas)
3. Custom game styles: Standard Team Deathmatch 5v5 fight, Capture the flag, Deathmatch and much more.
4. More than 5 skills for one hero.
5. Custom maps;

Who can help us?
Right now, we're looking for:
- 3D Character Modeller, who can create characters and texture them;
- Animator, who can make animation and FX;
- Texture Artist, who can make high resolution textures;
- Gameplay Programmer/Scripter, who can write gameplay systems.
- Also, we're looking for 3d modellers and everyone who can help us, but upper positions are most expected.

E-Mail: curenor@gmail.com

Greetings, and waiting for feedback and contacts from You
10-21-2012 01:48 PM
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