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tutorials race idea.
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tutorials race idea.
as soon as i get the hang of doing things in esenthel, I plan on posting alot of tutorials on youtube. I've messed around with other game engines before I decided on Esenthel. Other engines have alot of tutorials made by hobbiest/indie game designers, but with Esenthel there is very few. The community is certainly big enough. there is no excuse as a community why we can't try to make this game engine more popular by posting alot more tuts on youtube and vimeo. Think about it people. Only one guy makes this engine, so let's try to help him stay incouraged so he will keep making Esenthel. Also I would like to see the Esenthel guy post a compatition on giving away esenthel 2.0 (one seat) for free or something else from the shop, for the person whom makes the best tutorial on youtube/vimeo. So whoever impressed him the most, wins. How many people would like to get involved with something like this if Esenthel would agree to this? And if we don't win anything from the shop, maybe the best tutorials could have its own link with Esenthel's main page, along with the names of who made each tut. Maybe bragging rights on who did the best could be enough to get people interested in this.
11-13-2012 05:15 PM
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