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Customizeable Shorcut Keys
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Kaveman Offline

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Customizeable Shorcut Keys

I would like to see customizable shortcut keys for more functions, and make it so they can be saved to a file and reloaded so if the installation is upgraded it can be reloaded.

This could be useful for so many features, but customizeable shorcut keys that would be most helpful to start with would be:

-camera orientation, position, manipulation (one customizable hotkey setting per each digital pad function, plus yaw, pitch, and rotation)
-object orientation, position, manipulation (one customizeable hotkey setting per parameter, x pos nudge, y pos nudge, z pos nudge, object rotation, object size, heightmap align lock/unlock)

I realize all those shortcuts are already there, but being able to go to a window and program those shortcuts not only gives users flexibility in a way that makes them comfortable with using those functions but can inform users of functions and tools they are not aware of. It can very much be a help file and shortcut list in one place.

I'm a big fan of fewer clicks and faster operations to do anything. Another idea I had that might fall into this topic is to have a hotkey (say "~" for example) that would momentarily superimpose a much larger and semi transparent version of the orientation cube (that currently exists in the corner of the world editor) over the screen, and you can use the mouse on the larger cube to manipulate the camera orientation, and then when you let go of your hotkey, the large cube dissapears. This would allow a user a very quick mouse movement to change camera orientation instead of traveling to and from the corner every time. This would also give the user a better sensitivity of control by using that function over a larger space. Camera and object manipulation is important for getting work done quickly in the world editor, so I think tools that make that happen are very powerful and absolutely worth it.
02-13-2013 09:04 AM
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RE: Customizeable Shorcut Keys
Also consider adding control mapping to options, ie changing/swapping functionality of MB1/2/3, space, ctrl etc.

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02-20-2013 10:52 PM
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