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hi all,

i'm new in the game engine world and it takes me wonder if it's worth to integrate the openSubdiv libary in to the game engine? on the ideal case it can bring much more detail in to the scene but i'm not sure if it works.

Website openSubdiv:

First showcase:


what do you think about it?
03-28-2013 10:36 AM
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Rubeus Offline

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RE: openSubdiv
It looks like a powerful tool, but basically only a more complex version of Tessellation, which is available in DX10+. Tessellation only allows for 1 iteration(I could be wrong on this point, can someone that knows more about it confirm correct me on this?), whereas Subdiv allows for multiple.
Additionally, I'm almost positive that Subdiv is meant and optimized for non-realtime rendering. In the showcase, he had 1 model on screen and was hitting 50 FPS. Add 100 more models, and it would be crawling.
I would say just stick with Tessellation. Subdiv looks like it could get you much smoother models(not to be confused with more detail-all it does is smooth out the mesh. All the detail in the videos is from other techniques and tools), which Tessellation does quite well already. The time it would take to integrate it into the engine for the benefit it offers just doesn't seem worth it in my opinion.
Where the Subdiv library really shines is when you create a scene for CG and crank up the Subdiv iterations and can let the computer take 40 minutes to render each frame, giving you a lifelike scene. This is just not very practical for games.
03-28-2013 03:06 PM
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